Haili Christian School

Serving families since 1978

2018-2019   TUITION AND FEES

Registration Fee:  $100  (Non-refundable/ Non-transferable) must accompany application.
Comprehensive Fee:  Call office (Pre-Grade 8)  Phone: (808) 961-5026
After School Care Program:  Call office for pricing  (payable monthly or daily drop-in) 

Tuition Rates:  (paid in 10 installments)
3Pre-4yr. old kindergarten:  $4,975  annual
5yr. old kindergarten - Grade 6:  $3,975  annual

Grade 7-8:  $4,200 annual

Sibling tuition discounts apply:

Oldest child -  Pays full tuition cost
2nd child - 10% discount
3rd child + - 20% discount

Pay 1st tuition installment by June 22, 2018  and receive a tuition discount.*
Call HCS office for details (808)-961-5026   (*subsidized or scholarship accounts do not qualify for this discount).

You are required to review and agree to all financial policies as stated in the HCS Family-Student Handbook.